Temple Architecture of the Ancients

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Skill of the ancients
The new world still has to learn
What’s technology

This is the Temple in Belur, Karnataka.  The olden Technology & skill that created this architecture never ceases to amaze me.  For more entries go to All Meme page and check out Wednesday (ABC Wednesday(T), Wordless Wednesday, Wordless Wednesday Bloggers, Blog She,Verenas Schoene Welt)

18 thoughts on “Temple Architecture of the Ancients

  1. Im always fascinated by the amount of knowledge our ancestors possessed… this is yet another wonder. Great click!

  2. I love to visit temples! Old temples in South India are so stunning. We recently visited the ChennaKesava temple at Somanathapura and it took our breath away! This is a beautiful shot! Thanks, Pheno!

  3. True, these ancient monuments are standing tall since such a long time… still full of beauty and magnificence! There is a lot to learn from the past!

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