Teppan – A Dining Experience

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April 22 was my better half’s (Meena) bday and she seemed very interested in Japanese with all their Sushi and Sashimis. So we decided on Teppan (for various reasons including a citibank offer on selected restaurants for Rs 900/-per head plus taxes 😉  ).  This is located in Ulsoor, Bangalore.

We started with an aperitif of Jacob’s Creek sparkling wine (not part of the offer). Meena had  the fresh tuna salad with Bell peppers, Iceberg lettuce, freshly cut tuna in ponza dressing  while I went in for the Kurisupī tori salad – Crispy fried chicken, iceberg, cherry tomato, cucumber in scallion mayo dressing which really set the base for more things to come. I did not taste the tuna salad since I cant stand raw fish chunks but my wife polished it off. . The chicken was ok.  I thought it was the usual crispy fried chicken fare u get everywhere (hey that rhymed !)

Starter I went in for Tori Karaage – Deep fried chicken with tonkatsu dressing while my wife went for the Delicately spiced sea bass fried rolled with scallion, tongarashi, sushi vinegar.Yeah she loves fish :D.    The chicken had a very interesting taste and flavor a little sweet but still leaving a tingling spicy feeling on the tongue. The Sushi was just about awesome and I did not really mind the bits raw fish in it.With the wasabi it was just mind blowing….Oh the wasabi  (horse radish)was a shocker and can explode on your tastebuds if its your first try.

Main course was a choice of two dishes each so we ordered one each of Tori & Zucchini Yaki – Chicken leg and zucchini grilled in sweet soy and garlic sauce, Niku & Burokkori Yaki – Tenderlion marinated in crushed pepper corn & broccoli grilled in yaki niku sauce and two of Sakana & bell pepper yaki – (Marinated grilled fish in Lemon garlic butter sauce with Moriawase Yakimeshi – Mixed meat and egg fried rice. I loved the tenderloin and the grilled fish. Tenderloin was just abt right between medium and well done and fish had a classic light and  clean flavor that left you wanting for more.

Dessert had a lot of choices and we were offered three each from the selection.I am not much of a dessert fan but these would address the needs of the sweet tooths pretty well.

The best part of all of this was a very skilled chef making the main course right at the table who could juggle eggs and containers and catch them on his chef cap! :D. Even the portion of each of the dish was correct without being too heavy or leave u feeling cheated. Oh before I forget I picked up my forgotten chopstick skills and was able to complete my rice with only the chopsticks.. YES! 😀

Oh there is a veg option too and I can safely say there is no bias towards vegetarians. The taste will be as good  as it gets.  Here is the veg menu………….

Salad Yaki Yasai Salad. (Carrot, Broccoli, grilled and mixed with iceberg, avocado, cherry tomato in Miso mayo dressing) Tofu salad – Iceberg lettuce, cucumber and tofu in sesame dressing

Starter (Maki) Vegetable Tempura – Assorted vegetables fried in a tempura batter Yasai Kyuuri maki – Iceberg, cucumber, shitake, Japanese mayo with sushi vinegared rice, nori topped with avocado

Main Course Choice of any Two Yaki Tofu Yasai Itame – grilled tofu & Carrot ,onion ,zucchini stir fried in Garlic sesame sauce Yasai and shitake mushroom yaki – Bok Choy, Broccoli , Bell pepper, baby corn & shitake mushroom i Miso sauce Yaki Nasu – ( Grilled eggplant , Chinese cabbage and spinach in fresh grated ginger & mirin sauce ),

Rice Niniku Yakimeshi – Garlic and vegetables fried rice

Dessert Choose any 3 desserts from our sumptuous selection Well all in all it was an excellent experience with good food and a very skilled chef.  I had reserved it inspite of the booking being full after requesting one of the managers there and telling him about the birthday.  Guess what, they had a surprise at the end where they had a complementary cake with the name as well. Now that was very thoughtful no?….. Domo Arigato !!! Oh yes a post about japanese restaurant and food cannot be complete without this……

good food at
the right time
satisfies the soul

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Teppan Japanese Grill & Sushi Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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33 thoughts on “Teppan – A Dining Experience

  1. Excellent description of the food you were served. Now if only you had written something about the taste of the food too… 😛

    1. well my mistake was an implied taste in each of my sentence but now that you mention it, it has been made more explicit :).. Thanls

  2. Hi. I am from Japan, and I enjoyed reading your post on Japanese food. I am familar with most of the dishes described here, and it sounds like a good dinner.

  3. That looks like an awesome birthday celebration! 😀 most of those dishes’ names don’t even roll out of my tongue. Wonder how I will order if I happen to go to a Japanese restaurant.. 😛 😀

  4. I’m not a fan of Japanese food but I enjoy watching their chef cook at the table. That is a lot of fun. Happy Birthday to Meena.

  5. Pheno!!! Man I’m hungry now!! I haven’t really tried Japanese but now will just have to go!!

    Happy Birthday to my lv Meena! This was a yummilicious treat for sure! 🙂

  6. Belated birthday to Meena. Your dinner sounds heavenly and the dishes are so exotic and mind blowing. God bless.

  7. Nice birthday celebration and an interesting menu! 🙂 Not into raw fish myself, but I know many people do like it. The chef at the table sounds like fun.

  8. I’ve not had Japanese food… mainly because here, the vegetarian options are zero in a Japanese restaurant!
    I guess I will have to wait till I come back to Bangalore for this dining experience! 🙂

    You guys are looking fab! And Meenz – Happy Birthday once again darling! 🙂

  9. PM and MM great that u enjoyed Teppan n Happy Bday Meena 🙂 I’m frm Blr and a lover of jap food, so am heading out to ulsoor pretty soon 🙂

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