The Beautiful Alpha and the Forced Omega

It’s funny when you read in the paper about people taking their lives when they have failed or faced with an adverse situation. I find it all the more funny when someone comments after reading all this that they do not have the strength or the nerve to face life. It might be a matter of debate but I find that people who take their own life have a lot of nerve and courage and if this courage was used in pushing through their failures they could have emerged shining.

I find life an endless adventure and each and every second is a chance to enjoy this amazing journey. It teaches us so many things and there is yet so much more to discover. I would say that those people, who even think about ending this prematurely, definitely are very strong people since they have turned away from this addiction to life.Another humorous thing I have heard is people complaining about life being difficult with them. I say life by itself is never difficult with anyone. Rather, its people who make it difficult and then end up cribbing about it. It’s such a waste of talent when life posts a challenge; instead of facing it people bring it to a sad end by trying to commit suicide. Oh yes I admit, they really have a lot of nerve to even contemplate bringing this awesome journey to such a pathetic end.God save their souls!!!

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