The Case of Lottery Mails

Every year since the advent of the internet we have been witnessing new ways of irritation. We have become so prone to the likes of Spams, mal-wares, spy-wares and ad-wares that we have not only learnt to live with it, in fact it sometimes makes us wonder why we haven’t received any some days they thankfully don’t clutter up the inbox. It almost makes the day incomplete… Doesn’t it?

The present one is this deluge of lottery mails claiming to give some extraordinary amount of money the likes of which I have heard or seen only in movies. What’s worse, some gullibles actually take then for real following their instructions to have disastrous consequences. Apart from that are pathetic solicitation sob stories of people being affected by ethnic rivalries or other cock and bull problems, unable to access their large inheritance and looking for “helpers” and promising them unbelievable rewards for their “small” favour. The mails seem and feel so fraudulent I sometimes wonder if they purposely send these just to test people’s intelligence. Hmmm…on second thoughts, again there are disastrous stories of people falling for those too. Well that’s people of the world for you. After all we need all manner of people to keep the balance in this world right. If all people were intelligent the world might spin off its orbit not able to withstand the combined brain mass!!!

With the number of these mails I get everyday if I actually end up getting the amount, move over Mr. Ambani, a new competitor is here!!!!

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