Tiny Shoes – Some amazing cakes from Magic Oven

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Day#5 #BarAThon

So we have been a literal brand ambassador for Magic Oven, a bakery that is right across the street. For all occasions we rarely give the order to anyone else. From the decadent baked cheese cake to chocolate truffle to custard cakes, you name it they will make and design it.  It’s one of the best cake you will have and not too sweet. Exactly what the doctor would prescribe

It’s almost a slumdog millionaire moment for me when I see the topic for Day#5 and it turns out I have the exact thing which I had custom made from Magic Oven 🙂 for my nephew for his 28th day celebration… Yeah tiny shoes !! 🙂 This was a blueberry flavor and was as good as it looks…



This forms Day#5 of Barathon


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