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Received an invite to try the new menu of Kalmane Koffees.  I am basically a tea drinker with a fondness for coffee, sometimes (err I am not too sure I understand that myself). That said, I like my coffee, flavorful, sugarless and strong enough to curl the hair. I have been to Kalmane outlets before and do like their offerings. The savoury snacks was something that was sadly lacking with their wonderful coffee. Now that’s been attended to as well !  The place is avant garde. I liked the look of it and goes well with the other brands in the mall.

I was shown the different coffee beans both the natural and roasted version and told about the shapes sizes and flavors. It was an interesting session where I got to know about the  nuances of coffee and the way they grow and the basic differences between Arabica and Robusta. We also went through a coffee brewing process where the  roasted seeds were ground and tamped.


This then went into making an espresso or decoction..  The milk is not boiled but steamed to 65-70 degrees with a rotatory motion. A very interesting way that they use to make sure the milk doesn’t get too hot is touch the vessel with the pinky finger and check :D. Then the latte artist creates these interesting art on the coffee. He makes it look so simple!! It is a “certified” as Latte Art, I am told.17

With the Latte artist

Observing the highest standards, Kalmane Koffees has been infused with a double shot of culture and refinement, where coffee is treated like a science and brewed to perfection. So, the next time you stop at V.R Bengaluru sit back, wrap an arm around your beloved beverage and let the mysteries of coffee reveal themselves.


The brand has now done a makeover to its ambience in par with international standards to enhance the coffee experience and to cater to the young coffee lovers. This enhanced modern ambience at VR Bengaluru is a Global Contemporary take of traditional Kalmane roots.

The Brand Kalmane Koffees  evolved 12 years back when the fourth generation coffee growers Mr. Avinash Prabhu and Mr. Dhiraj Prabhu felt there is a room for promoting Superior quality coffees in domestic market, while the same was always reserved for export. Thus the first outlet made its way at the Forum Mall, where the finest coffees were freshly roasted, brewed and served in traditional way.

This pioneering concept of Freshly Roasted, Fine coffees was widely accepted and has a good brand recall today. Now Kalmane has presence in three cities, Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai with 11 outlets.

Ok off with this marketing spiel. Lets get down to business

We tried a variety of coffee from the classic Madras filter coffee to the royal Samrat (Mysore nuggets), the flavor of which made you feel like a royalty. It was everything I like my coffee to be. I was a tad disappointed with the peaberry which did not stand up to its brothers  in terms of strength or flavor but costed the same.  My absolute favourite was the Cantata espresso which really can curl the hair with its strength and flavor.  The whiff of crema (the thin layer of coffee oil on the espresso) can give you a real high….Outstanding!!

15 11 10 12

Coming to the savoury snacks, the crispy fried samosa is good and reminds you  stalls during the Ramzan iftar which sells these goodies. It had a nice balance of flavors. What I really fell in love with (and it was quite obvious from the way I was stealing from others) was the cheese poppers. Even though one really cant go wrong with cheesy fillings, this was sheer poetry in texture and taste. A lovely combination with the coffee. Apart from that tried their chicken puffs which is a regular fare.


There was also the Oreo  and strawberry shake which the children would really like. It’s exactly made for kids with its looks and sweetness.


So if you have doubt on your coffee let your nose guide you first !! Why because the Nose knows  🙂  sorry just could not resist that 😀

Leaving you with heady smiles after all that caffeine



The link below is for their outlet in Phoenix mall as the one in VR is not part of zomato yet

Find them on Zomato

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