What you dont know – Interesting food trivia

The Queen’s language is weird and it has been made much more weird as it travelled around the world…. Here’s food based trivia

There are some words that throw you off completely and when you know the meaning it leaves you shocked or completely like an imbecile…. I had this experience many years back in the UK. We had gone to a pub, my home away from home 🙂 and the specialty of the day was grilled sweetbread.   I was in the mood for something sweet that day (completely unlike me) and ordered it straight off.  I immediately got second thoughts if it was a wise choice as a pubfare is pretty generous with food and I will be able to finish it as a few scoops of sweet is all I can handle (unless its dark chocolate and if I get only a few scoops I lose my handle)

Cutting to the bread, . Do you know what the innocuous work sweetbread is?

Sweetbreads is a culinary name for the thymus (also called throat, gullet, or neck sweetbread) or the pancreas (also called heart, stomach, or belly sweetbread), especially of calf (ris de veau) and lamb (ris d’agneau), and, less commonly, of beef and pork. Various other glands used as food may also sometimes be called “sweetbreads,” including the parotid gland (“cheek” or “ear” sweetbread), the sublingual glands (“tongue” sweetbreads or “throat bread”), and testicles (cf. Rocky Mountain oyster, prairie oyster, orlamb fries). (Source: Wikipedia)


source – cookinsens.wordpress.com

The joke was on them though. What I got was veal. It was a brilliant dish which I enjoyed and it was a fun way to learn a new vocabulary 🙂 If every new vocabulary was followed by food I would give most English masters a run for their money. Yes I did finish the  dish and had something more too 🙂

Here is a carnivore sounding word – Sweetmeat… This may or may not be completely veg and can even be vegan. Sweetmeats means sweets including candies, pastries and especially all the delectable India sweets  my favourite being Bengali sandesh varieties. Of course it is not new to Indians eh



These came straight from Kolkata… Chocolate flavoured Sandesh… Pure Pure sin !!


Mincemeat –   The British know it as a mixture of currants, raisins, sugar, apples, candied peel, spices, and suet, typically baked in pastry. In this case, it is not traditional meat as such but the fat or the lard which goes into making the sweet pastry (used a butter or grease). I got a box of Heston’s MinceMeat pies from the UK and it was worth every bite. Naturally it didn’t last long enough for the photos even and I had to take it from their site!!.. Sigh


I hope you enjoyed the trivia. Come back tomorrow for another food related information….

This is for the Day#2 of #BlogAthon –  What you don’t know.

By the way this also has kindled my interest to find other interesting foodie words so this becomes another WIP. Wow  this #BarAThon is stoking all kinds of weird interests!!


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  1. Now I know a lot more than I did before. What you must also know is that I envy you for that Chocolate Sandesh!:)))))

  2. Really that’s what sweetbread is… I have never ordered it but I am sure I would have been completely fooled … mincemeat surprised me when I found it was sweet. I was like what did I just order. Enjoyed reading the post.

  3. Oh I knew about sweetmeat but the sweetbread is a complete surprise! As a vegetarian I better be careful when I am traveling 😉

    • Like you said, eat the bread and sweets separately 🙂 Good plan !


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