Day 221 – Write away right away

When in doubt.....Write

Writing in any form can be the best way of healing. whether its from a situation or from a mental stress. It can also keep the mind sharp and on its toes.. What u waiting for??  Write right now …..beginning with commenting on my post of course :))))

The snap above has been PP”d in Photoshop using the wave effect….


Linked to Thursday Challenge..”WRITING & WRITING TOOLS” (Pens, Pencils, Notebooks, Journals, Calligraphy, Graffiti,…)

7 thoughts on “Day 221 – Write away right away

  1. Writing is definitely a way that I relieve stress, and it is also like a calming meditation. It’s like whatever I want to say I write it, and even if no one is going to read it, or even be there to listen it is like I am getting it out of my system. It is a great way of venting. But most of all, I like creating different characters, and worlds that would be interesting to visit.

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