Day 290 – Xtreme Makeup

The Master at work

A Kathakali exponent applying makeup before the commencement of the performance. Kathakali  is the traditional dance of Kerala where each of the performers depict the  characters from Indian epics and mythology. Their costumes are Xtremely colorful with very intricate makeup and getups. Natural paints and extracts are used on the face and most of the complicated designs are applied by the performers themselves. In most cases the male and the female characters are always performed by men !!

This performance can be seen in Fort Kochi in the Kathakali Centre behind Santa Cruz church… All my fellow ABC Wednesday bloggers, hope you had a lovely X-Mas and have a lovely New Year ahead !!

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18 thoughts on “Day 290 – Xtreme Makeup

  1. Happy New Year to you too Pheno – I wonder if the men wearing make up is unappealing to both men and women or either men or women? It is certainly Xtreme – we know so little about the diverse cultures out there – ABC Wednesday certainly gives us a glimpse don’t you think?

    Thanks so much
    Denise ABC Team

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