Your First Crush – Flechazo – Lovely Seafood Extravaganza

Phenomenal World was invited by a friend to Flechazo for trying the seafood extravaganza and extravaganza it sure was!!  The sheer variety of sea food from the usual ones like fish, crab, mussels and shrimps to exotic ones like octopus blew me over.

This is a buffet style serving. I especially like the concept (usually followed in Japanese sushi bars) of a conveyor belt which is continuously loaded with appetizers for people to grab and eat.


The crowd was absolutely unbelievable with an incredible waiting line outside.


They also had an outdoor arrangement which had different forms of steamed fish and fried sea food from shrimps to octopii.

img_8893 img_8892img_8895

I especially loved the concept of a macaroon biscuit dipped in liquid nitrogen and immediately popped into the mouth so you look like a dragon. Its named aptly as a dragon cookie. Don’t chew it or the sensation of your tongue getting stuck to the macaroon can be unnerving.

img_20161202_143430 img_20161202_143038

As I mentioned, the sheer variety of food both veg and non veg in the buffet is incredible and I suggest you go on a light stomach… Never go on an empty stomach as studies have shown and I have experienced a hungry stomach gets full with very little food. On the other hand a light stomach is capable of elasticity and a good intake of food.  Oh I digress, lets get back to food

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I am a handcore carnivore so I went in for all the similar things. The best part about the food was everything was GOOD… The mocktail does spoil the experience and I made sure to tell the staff my thoughts. The blue lagoon mocktail can be at best avoided

Some of things that stood out in the starters

Crab salsa – A burst of flavors any seafood lover will relish


Mussels – It was presented well in an open shell with a sauce on top. Just suck and eat


Tandoori Crab – Exquisitely prepared. Balanced flavors and complete juctice to the delicate meat


Fish Cake – Beautifully prepared with the right heat to provide excitement but not overwhelm the palate

Lamb Seekh Kabab – Lovely succulent lamb kababs done to perfection


Grilled Pineapple – Provided a sweet relief among the appetizers


Chicken Momo – Cant go wrong with this one if given with the right sauce


Anchovy Fry – I loved the concept of a street side arrangement where a basket of fried anchovies were  kept on a cycle and when asked for,  put into a leaf bowl with a dash of masala and lime juice

img_8879 img_8879a

Varieties of Sushi – There was smoked tuna and octopus sushi and a veg version too


There is also the option of making your own pizza to activate the chef in you. Dont worry you are guided at every point  so dont be afraid of things going wrong or just let you hair down and go with the flow. The maximum is a weird looking pizza right?

img_8942 img_8944 img_20161202_143032img_8939

I was too stuffed with the starters for giving justice to the main course but what I did fall in love was and had multiple times was the seafood laska. Absolutely exquisite !! There was also a turkish cold snapper.

img_8935 img_8937

I did see some tables having KF pint bottles so they are available on order.

Well however stuffed you are, there is always room for dessert and I went it for their betel leaf (pan) flavoured ice cream made with liquid nitrogen.   Pan tends to be overpowering if not handled in the right quantity. This however was perfectly balanced.

img_8949 img_8950a img_8951 img_8952img_8948


The service was prompt and very well done. Kudos  to Mr. Suresh,  the team and to the chef.

Overall a fine experience that started well and ended beautifully. At Rs. 650 this is a real DEAL

My Rating

Food – 4.5/5

Ambience – 4.5/5

Service – 4.5/5

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2 thoughts on “Your First Crush – Flechazo – Lovely Seafood Extravaganza

  1. Macaroons dipped in nitrogen is such an awesome idea. Let me see if I can find it here. Look at all the seafood… Gosh what an incredible palate it must have been.

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