Zephyrs & Storms

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 Gush of moving air
Can be zephyr on your face
Or nature’s fury

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29 thoughts on “Zephyrs & Storms

  1. I’ve learned just now that Zephyr is a fictional character associated with Babar the Elephant. And that a group of creative people in my country produce beautiful toys for children. Thank you for this word. It also means a breeze or a thin sweater. All very positive things.
    Wil, ABCW Team.

  2. I have always marveled at your ability to write Haikus by associating them with a picture ! Loved this attempt specially the use of the word Zephyr !

  3. the recent events have left us with this thought many a times. I know for my ownself everytime it rained and I enjoyed I thought of those affected adversely by the downpour… a beautiful take on prompt in words and picture 🙂


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