Huh what was that again?
Huh what was that again?

Annnnnnnnddddddddddddd with Z, this folks is the last of the A-Z Challenge….WHEW!! and yes I survived!!! Yayyyy!!! I now close this with a sigh of relief. Now I couldn’t resist to make the closing post for the challenge as interesting as possible so here it goes………..

Did you know Zzyzx (pronounced zay-zix) has been voted the most bizarre baby name in the last 15 years by the ebaby voters?  I mean really?  Zzyzx for a baby name? How weird can things get eh?? Well to each their own I guess. Also since we are celebrating 450 years of Shakespeare I cannot again resist but use the famous line  from his love story of the doomed lovers….“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Read about it here…………

My name (Praveen) could be even more weird to some people I suppose…….. 😉

There is  a town and a road in San Bernardino County, Calif by the same name rumored to mean  “the last place on Earth”!. Maybe for the baby name it could mean the first and last name on Earth? 😀

Written for the A to Z 2014 Challenge for Z.  Linked to ABC Wednesday with P for peculiar names. Also part of April UBCFor more memes click here


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51 thoughts on “Zzyzx

  1. Wow! Really? I was wondering where Zzyzx was leading when I started reading your post..I was thinking of chromosomes gone horribly wrong..
    The poor baby. What were her parents thinking?!

  2. So your name is Praveen, not Pheno 😉 But then as you have quoted the Bard – what’s in a name? 🙂 Beautiful photograph there, caught the bird in just the right expression! And interesting info about names too 🙂 Congratulations for completing the challenge so wonderfully.

  3. First of all, congratulations for successfully surviving the AtoZ challenge. Commendable!
    And Zzyzx…thank God I’m out of that name-finding phase. 😛

  4. :O Is that a real name? Is that the only name, without vowels? Is there anyone with that name? Thank God my parents believed in keeping a Sanskrit/Hindi name! :))
    P.S. The pic is amazing and post is interesting… But are you sure you are not making fool of us- is that a real name- Zzyzx (seems like I went into a shock after reading this one) 😛 😛

    1. try searching on Google to check 🙂 I got the Z idea when I saw this in the newspaper a week back

  5. Some of my favourite strange names are Abcde (pronounced ab-see-dee) and L-A (yep, include the hyphen for La-dash-a) 😉 languages are fun so why not haha

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