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Every Drop is a source of life – Save Water

single drop defining a world between life and death Water wastage is a very big issue and what we take irrelevant wastage or insignificant can turn out to be a major source of issues going forward. Save water. Every drop counts.  Water is like the very drip that saves this world Note – No wastage…

Single Malt Nights – Glenfiddich

Phenomenal World was part of the Cocktail Reimagined with Glenfiddich nights at Olive Beach. Glenfiddich was always associated with quality and class and there was no way I could have missed this event.  What was tasted? There is also some good news as you read along. 

Cashless Cancer Treatment for the Underprivileged

No one is new to cancer. One of those dreaded diseaes that takes life in its own way often in a haze of pain and misery.  Cancer is curable but that really depends on when it is detected.   Also the pain that a family member goes through is more painful.   With the miserable health investments…

Valentines Day with a Difference – Maia

Phenomenal World attends a valentine dinner with a different concept of celebrating motherhood than the swooning couples. Maia – Eat Bake Mom is unique in its approach of having recipes shared by mothers and making them feel special. Ambience The place was well lit and cheery unlike the  romantically dark places.  Since it celebrates motherhood,…

Dont Own, Smartly Own – Rentomojo

The world around us is changing.. Gone are the days when buying a house and land was a priority. We live in uncertain times, and the new generation can change their cities at the drop of a hat for a new opportunity. Rentomojo’s new concept of #smartlyown addresses the concept of not buying things but simply…


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