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Every Drop is a source of life – Save Water

single drop defining a world between life and death Water wastage is a very big issue and what we take irrelevant wastage or insignificant can turn out to be a major source of issues going forward. Save water. Every drop counts.  Water is like the very drip that saves this world Note – No wastage…

Cashless Cancer Treatment for the Underprivileged

No one is new to cancer. One of those dreaded diseaes that takes life in its own way often in a haze of pain and misery.  Cancer is curable but that really depends on when it is detected.   Also the pain that a family member goes through is more painful.   With the miserable health investments…

Wine for a Cause – Kadu by Sula Vineyards

November saw the addition of one more feather in Sula Vineyards  cap with the launch of KĀDU (meaning wild in Kannada and jungle in Tamil or Malayalam), Sula’s first wholly ‘Made in Karnataka’ wine. Partering with the Sanctuary Nature Foundation (SFA), which is active in wildlife conservations especially for  our national animal, tigers.  I have always been part…

The Jack of Fruits is here to stay – #Jackfruit365 and Mercure Review

Was part of a very unique event where the King (or Jack) for the event was Jackfruit. Started by James Joseph through a company called Jackfruit365, his is a story of been there done that and going back to the roots.

Food Fun and Revelations – Rotary E Club of Chennai & Foodie meetup at St. Gaspar Education Trust for Kids

We thought of making our third AAF meetup a special one and so our group All About Food and Rotary Eclub of Chennai got together for a foodie session with kids. The Rotary eClub of Chennai are now involved in project 111 which is 111 days of continuous service to the community and enriching lives…


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