Prost in the @Big_Pitcher – Review of Big Pitcher #FBAB

Here I am again with another review of another grand place. A meetup of food bloggers was organized by #FBAB (Food Bloggers Association of Bangalore) Chef BB in the Big Pitcher. Located on Old Airport road just before the Leela Palace it can also be found in the GPS.

I along with another foodie blogger Hiral and Susmita reached early and got busy checking out the place with a camera in the hand of course. The decor is inspired by the Old Wild West with guns,knives and cowboy hats as the main attractions with some rock thrown in so it gives a feeling of being between a Rock and a hard place (pun intended). There is also a collage of photos of Red Indians and what nots that is part of the wall.

Check out some of the prominent ones below starting with some splendid arrangement done by the management


Let me begin the account with drinks which included a Banyan tree wine (boring), crafted beers (ah now we are talking) and mocktails.which kept coming all through our entire course. My two favourite ones among all of them would be the Sarava which was the lightest and had some good flavor of fruit and spice and comparatively low alcohol level and the deadly Kingslayer which was rick, dark and strong and yes can give a buzz.The blue lagoon had a good flavor of curacao and had a gave a sparkling feeling on the tongue while the orange one (cannot recall the name) had a good flavor of grenadine.  Check out the drinks below.


Now comes the main part…THE FOOD. From the starters to the main course each one was a revelation and a site for sore eyes. The presentation and the taste satisfied the eyes, the stomach and the soul. I have  made a collage of most of it but there was so much food I hardly had the space in my tummy for tasting the whole thing. However I had my clear favourites among them. So here is a list of my chosen few which I would have it anytime I come back to BP

  1. Tampiquena Beef
  2. Szechwan Chilly Prawns
  3. Caesar Salad was very very crunchy and fun to eat. It lacked the feta cheese which was a disappointment
  4. Tom Kha soup was absolutely mind blowing and every sip brought out clear flavours of the ingredients used. The garlic bread which was served along with it was crunchy and soft at the same time (if you can believe it !!)
  5. Stuffed mushroom with cheese crumb fried was exquisite and every bite an orgasm of delight
  6. Fisherman’s pot had a good range of taste with their beer batter fry
  7. Santa’s Lamb chop steak was melt in the mouth…Literally
  8. Nasi Goreng and the satay was very very flavorful
  9.  The Prawn Islander Shrimp salad is delectable and the flavors to kill for
  10. The pepper blast prawn was packed with the required heat and you might need that drink to cool off
  11. Victoria’s secret (love the name) was lip smacking

The ones that failed to satisfy me

  1. The Tricia Ala Porbe made with fillets of Red Snapper was a bad experience for me. It tasted raw and I suspect it wasn’t fresh but it literally killed the experience of the fine food
  2. Why is the dish named Dirty Fries? I would never ever pair the work dirty with food because it sounds so vulgar and unappetizing. I would suggest the name MESSY FRY if they so want to name it because of the mishmash components in the dish but Dirty…… nah ah
  3. This might not be the chef’s fault but after all that delectable spread that kept coming in the honey glazed pork was not upto the mark atleast for me.

Let me remember some that I was not in a position to eat and did not take snaps either

  1. Crunchy Tofu Fingers
  2. Won Tossed Green Vegetables
  3. Their variety of burgers (which given the expression of joy I assume was very good)
  4. Thai green and red curry


In between we were invited to tour the brewery where the brewmaster Mr. Venkatesh very kindly showed us the setup, took us through the process, equipment, ingredients, explained the intricacies of brewing beer, the strong quality check in place, explained the governmental regulations at play. The entire unit works like a well oiled machine and was extremely clean. Check out those snaps below


Last but not the least was the dessert. Well now you know why I didn’t gorge on the main course.  Among the desserts my clear favourite was the Australian cheese cake which was exquisiteand every bite an invitation for another one. The Flam Flambe Gulam Jamun which had rum in it was fun and heady . The German cake was good as well but leagues behind the cheesecake

Not so favourite ones

  1. Creme Brule – It was just a caramel custard with fruits on the side.It would be an insult to the real Creme Brule to be called this. The positive side, it was tasty but I suggest they don’t mislead people by keeping this name
  2. The sizzling walnut brownie was burnt..Sadly

Leaving you with happy faces..faces

After all that I am reminded of a Bryan Adam song that I will end this post with

“Here I am,this is me,there’s no where else on earth I’d rather be…….”

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