Stranger than fiction – Unusual Foods that can leave your mouth wide open

“One man’s meat is another man’s poison”

Did you know we humans eat really strange foods? Believe me I have eaten most game animals in Africa, crocodiles, lizards, worms (as a challenge) and I thought I ate anything that didn’t bite back but some of them left me quite quite flabbergasted.It makes me look like a vegetarian… Yes food can be stranger than fiction. Get your mind around some of these. If you thought the Kopi Luvak coffee (coffee beans extracted from the excreta of the wild civet) is gross ooh are you in trouble if you go ahead and read on.   Take a deep breath and proceed first reading the warning…..

Warning – It’s really not for the faint hearted. Some of them can be really strange and offensive. I am not responsible for any heart or panic attacks after reading this. You my dear reader have been warned. Proceed at your own risk and damned those who cross this line 🙂

Another disclaimer – Except haggis (also not my picture) I have not tried any of this at all !! These are curated from the public domain and collected based on the weirdness factor…..

1. Surstömming (Rotten Fish) – Translated to sour herring in swedish, this is a baltic fish caught during the periods of May and Jun, fermented 2-3 months before being tinned and again continues to ferment for another 6 months.. Once opened it emits some really putrid gasses that can knock you out. Considered a delicacy among the swedes!!


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2. Casu Marzu (Rotten Cheese) – Cheese made out of sheep milk but goes through a fermentation process unlike any cheese in the world. It contains live insect maggots made by leaving the cheese outside until hordes of cheese-flies lay their eggs inside. Found in Sardinia, Italy and considered manna from heaven.

casa - http

Source –  http

3. Tarantula (Spiders) – Typically found in Cambodia, it is grilled, barbequed, fried and all other cooking process you are familiar with and finally also served on a stick. Imagine that

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4. Paniki – Dish made by boiling fruit bat in coconut milk. After it is boiled, it is chopped and seasoned with herbs and spices. It gives a sense of adventure since you never know if the bat is rabid 😀

Source –

5. Puffer fish – One of the most poisonous fish in the world called fugu, this can kill if not cooked correctly. Chefs in Japan get license for preparing these.

source –

6. Drunken Shrimp – A specialty of China live fresh water shrimps dunked in baiju, a strong local liquor.. Eaten raw

7. Ant’s Egg Soup – Made in Laos, eggs from soldier ants separated in a bucket of water and later cooked with fish or beef and vegetables.

ants egg soup
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8. Eskimo Icecream – Made of reindeer fat, seal oil. freshly fallen snow, berries and ground fish. Definitely not for the vegetarians

Source -
Source –

9. Haggis – A staple of Scotland, is sheep’s stomach stuffed with sheep’s liver, lungs and heart, onions, oatmeal and other spices. Simmered for 3-4 hours. I tried it once and I have never tasted it since..

Source -
Source –

10. Baby Mice Wine – Supposed to be packed with health benefits, could leave you stoned.

baby mice
Source –

There you have it.. Food can indeed be stranger than fiction don’t you agree? I had a photo of the haggis which I took a long long time back before digital cameras became common place.

This will be a work in progress as it has got me so interested I am gonna keep updating it as and when I come across really strange and obscene stuff 🙂

Day 1 of Bar-a-thon with Stranger than Fiction (if this ain’t strange you are an alien)



  1. And I have lost all my appetite… 😮 I wonder how you were able to research for this post.

  2. What was it? I’d like to believe fiction, but sure it was stranger than fiction! Man can sure eat and do anything in the world!


  3. Thank goodness I ate hours ago…else I think I would have puked! So gross it’s making me shudder now…


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