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When boats don’t suffice

when you kill you also slaughter; opportunities Taken in Dubare Elephant camp, Coorg. It was breathtaking watching the elephant crossing the river from one end to the other and the water almost reaching to the top. 1/200, f5.6 ISO100 Canon EOS600D Linked to ABC Wednesday(P) with poor critters

Bird Watching @ Vedanthangal

birds flying free a dream of freedom – within my closed room Taken in Vedamthangal Bird Sanctuary, 75kms from Chennai.  For more photos click on my FB album For more B (Brilliant) posts head to ABC Wednesday    

Vanity Fair

Vanity fair is an everyday circus Played not only by the rich but common people like us Always comparing, trying to outdo each other We keep getting into one muddle or another Let not your vanity become too cheap since what you sow so shall you reap So what exactly is it we fear There…

Unique Nature

Came across this unique beetle in my kitchen sink. Green and mean has a new meaning now doesn’t it? No bugs were harmed during this session. Update – I think this is the Green June Beetle from what I could find in the public domain Linked to ABC Wedneday and other wordless memes. For more…


Annnnnnnnddddddddddddd with Z, this folks is the last of the A-Z Challenge….WHEW!! and yes I survived!!! Yayyyy!!! I now close this with a sigh of relief. Now I couldn’t resist to make the closing post for the challenge as interesting as possible so here it goes……….. Did you know Zzyzx (pronounced zay-zix) has been voted the…


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