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Each strand with purpose
Existence being the key
Nature’s “A”rchitects

 Taken in Chikamagalore. This begins a new season of ABC Wednesdays with A!!!For all memes visit this page

26 thoughts on “Architects

  1. the way you put it architects you make me think its actually true. And the haiku fit in perfectly… especially the break away of A 🙂


  2. AWESOME – Every time I see a spider’s web, I think of “Charlotte’s Web” the absolutely incredible children’s book!

    abcw team

  3. It ‘s amazing that these creatures can have the patience to. create such masterpieces. I read somewhere that young spiders make the best webs and that the old spiders make very sloppy ones.
    Anyway thanks for sharing.
    Wil, ABCW Team

  4. I’m a bit leary of spiders these days…I got bit near my temple by a spider…the doc thought it may have been a brown recluse!!! But we’re at 8000 feet altitude and they’re less potent here…thank the Dear Lord!!! It seems to be healing well…

  5. I come from Chikmagalur!! My childhood vacation spent at the ancestral home with my grandparents!! Lovely to see the reference here!! i have seen sights and heard sounds and experienced great beauty, never seen in Mumbai!! Unmatchable!! Very nostalgic!!

    My Link is here

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