Top beer and food picks from Brewkyln Microbrewery

PhenoMenal World  was invited to a tasting at Brewklyn Microbrewery. I have  been to this place before and settled down on two of my choices.. The NEIPA and Porter. It was the same this time too. Tried the other beer samples and settled for these again. If u like your beers toasty or hoppy I would suggest this if you are here.

Brewklyn Ambiance

It’ s a fun setup that attracts a lot of young crowds. The best part is the pool table which is always an accompaniment with beer. Had fun trying to practice my old skill. It’s been ages since I have played this.

My picks at Brewklyn

1. Irons Mike Porter
2. Al Capone NEIPA
3. Pork Belly – This was exquisitely made and melt in the mouth
4. Pepperoni Pizza – Wasn’t that cheesy but hey it’s pepperoni.
5. Chicken Gongura Wings – Brilliant flavors of the gongura coming through and a nice hot finish. Perfect with the beer
6. Lotus Bowl with minced mushroom was again a perfect accompaniment with beer. It was lively on the palate.
7. Paneer Popcorn was crisp and had a burst of flavors from the spices.

Thanks for getting this done Nameesh

Enjoy the glimpses

Beer Samplers
Lotus Bowl
Gongura Chicken Wings
Iron Mike Porter
Paneer Popcorns
German Lager
Pork elly
Pork Belly
Chicken Tikka
Tandoori Mushroom
Agilo Olivio
Chocolate Fondant
Pepperoni Pizza


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