Pyramid Valley for Peace and Solitude

midst the chaos I hear the call of the mystical pyramid Pyramid Valley, located on Kanakapura road in Bangalore, Karnataka is one such place where people come to meditate and to de-stress from their chaotic life. It’s a very pleasant experience being there with no noise and seeing people enjoying the surrounding in silence. The Pyramid…

Oh My God

seen from the top man and his accomplishments insignificant Yep that’s the view when I sky dived from 10000 ft. Neat eh !!  It sure is a humbling experience to know the materialistic things we hold dear are insignificant when seen from a higher perspective . Part of the ABC Wednesday (O for Oxymorons). For…

Kathakali Makeup

getting ready covering the face to bare the soul The make-up before a Kathakali (click to get information on Wikipedia) performance is very crucial and time consuming sometimes taking upto 4-5 hours. The first layer is usually by the performer himself and after that starts the true grueling process of applying layers and layers of…

Jumbo Family in the Jungle

out they come giants in the wilderness rustling leaves Taken on the way to Ooty in the Bandipur Forest, Karnataka.  By the way dd u spot the little one hiding behind?  U can just make out a peek 🙂 Linked to ABC Wednesday(J)

Impressive Paintings at Ajantha Caves

in darkness an art unfolds lighting the senses Taken in the AjanthaCaves, Maharashtra, this painting depicts Panini holding a lotus flower (click on name to read info on Wikipedia) These impressive paintings are a sight to behold and the experience of seeing it for real is something to be cherished and will always be remembered….

Comfort and charm @ Granpa’s Inn, Goa

A good place for staying in Goa, the hotel has beautiful decors and excellent rooms.  It is this old colonial houses that has been converted to a hotel and it looks like it too with antique furniture and show pieces that shows its history. The pool is brilliant and both me and my better half…

Travel & Experiences

every step taken new experiences travel hard There is something surreal about B&W’s that simply inspires. I find them so much more better and visually appeasing than color. Wouldn’t you agree? For more memes click here

Giant Prayer Wheels at the Golden Temple, Bylakuppe

giant prayer wheels may every turn be for the better Taken in the Golden Temple, Bylakuppe, one of the largest Tibetan settlements  located in Karnataka.  I changed my signature in my photos to include the eye of Horus.  Tell me if u like it. Linked to ABC Wednesday (G).. For more memes click here


spirituality and religion mixed and misinterpreted true faith wins Taken at the Golden Temple, Bylakuppe, Karnataka early in the morning EXIF – 1/50, f/5.6, ISO 400 Linked to ABC Wednesday (F). For more memes click here

Ellora Caves

true skill; transforming rock to a work of art Taken in the caves of Ellora, Maharashtra. This is the first of the caves in Ellora and the biggest of all.  This entire work is supposed to be created from one single monolith !! Oh yeah 36 years back I made an entry to this world…

Bird Watching @ Vedanthangal

birds flying free a dream of freedom – within my closed room Taken in Vedamthangal Bird Sanctuary, 75kms from Chennai.  For more photos click on my FB album For more B (Brilliant) posts head to ABC Wednesday