The Doll

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what thoughts lurk
behind that smile
oh such innocence

As she roamed around in the fair holding on to her mother Mini heard a a faint voice. “Take me”. She looked around for the source. Finding none, she continued her curious glances at all the stalls. She heard it again..”Take me””Take me” “Take me” “Take me” “Take me”. It was drilling into her head and making her go crazy. The insistence. It was also so inviting like the voice of her best friend. That’s when she saw the doll. It was very pretty. She was confused now. Is is the doll that spoke. Then  she saw the doll smile.   She tugged at her mom’s hand and pulled her towards the stall.

“Mom I want that doll”. “You already have enough dolls, said her mom, you dont need anymore”. “No I want that one” she said, stamping her leg. Her mom used to her demands started pulling her away. She was shocked when Mini said,”if you dont buy me that doll, you will regret it”. She stood rooted. She had never heard Mini speak like that. Where was that drama, the tantrum? Mini did not sound like an 8 yr old any more. She was looking at her not with the innocent anger of a child but a look that gave her the creeps . She had a hint of smile at the corner of her mouth, as if she was waiting for her reaction. It was unnerving. The scary part was the doll had the same smile

“No! I am NOT going to buy that doll!”. She grabbed Mini’s hand and pulled her away, scared and wanting to get away from whatever that thing was. Mini did not resist or cry. Looking back at the doll, she smiled when the doll winked and she heard the same voice “Dont worry, we will meet again”.

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