Sparkling White – Day 356

Tide for the whitest white??? 😉

Came across this rather aggressive and a very white drake (yeah it was a male duck) in the resort we were staying in. The guy actually attacked me using their very peculiar style where they lower the beak very close to the ground and charge towards the threat. It was quite unnerving actually getting attacked by a drake of all things but I did get a few snaps :D.. And the color. Maybe it uses Tide?? 😀

By the way this reminds me of my fav childhood joke.. Whats wrong with the name Donald Duck?? Well Donald is male so cannot be a duck. He should be rather called Donald Drake !! (Hmm maybe Walt Disney didn’t really know what the male duck was called???)

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13 thoughts on “Sparkling White – Day 356

  1. He is a very handsome China White goose so actually that would make him a gander. He looks young which might account for him being a little more aggressive,.

    Geese make great “watch dogs” because of their aggressiveness.

  2. He is a very handsome duck/drake. Geese, ducks and turkeys can be Very Agressive. We have had all three on our farm and I have been attacked by all three. They can really hurt when they nip you with their beak.

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