Experiencing Malgudi Days through food – Doddamane

My better half told me about Dodda Mane (which means large house in Kannada) that was one of the location for the TV series of Malgudi Days based on the book by RK Narayan.  Swamy and Malgudi  Days was one of my favourite serials of my childhood and few will need reminders of this amazing wealth of stories.  The fact that this place still exists thrilled me to no end. Dodda Mane is located in the Agumbe Forest state highway. Since we were already on a Karnataka drive and that it was in our way made it even more imperative to visit the place. Not that I would not have diverted and drove any distance if it wasn’t on the way.

The ancestral house is around 150 years old and has a rustic look and feel. With a rifle on the wall, this is classic at its most classic ! The family has konkani roots and serves the most delicious traditional veg food on a banana leaf.  The family from the youngest to the oldest are involved in making and serving food. All this is executed by a firm hand of Ajji (grandmother) who always has a smile but iron control over her family. The fact that they do not charge money for the food or stay but leave it to the patrons to pay whatever they feel like makes this a very different and humble experience.   They have been doing this for years together.  The stay also is the same deal.

You need to call up in advance and book your spot (preferably 24 hrs before).  The numbers are Kasturi Akka at 08181-233075 or her son in-law Ravikumar Pai at 9448603343. Google coordinates

It was a rainy day and the various umbrellas kept in the front provided some colors from the grey day that it was. Added to that the warm welcome to the company and you have already hit the sweet spot !

Here is the glimpse of the food.  All of the components were beautifully balanced.  There was this curry and chutney both made of hog plum and tamarind that was just brilliant. The sweet and tangy flavors blending beautifully.  The raw mango chutney was another classic touch to the excellent meal. Sour and spicy exactly how I like it.  The simple meal was served with love and affection and that shows in the quality of all the dishes that was brought to the leaf.  A must try if you are going to Agumbe Forest

Dodda Mane
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  1. Wow… i was not aware such a place even existed. Sounds like a trip down nostalgia lane for so many of us who grew up in that era. And its lovely to hear of a ‘pay what you will’set up… the food looks wonderful too.

    • Yeah the very thought of being on location of one of the most iconic of stories was exciting. There was no way I was gonna miss that 🙂

  2. Oh how very wonderful. It’s good to know that Swami’s home hasn’t fallen into ruins! And the concept of letting the aprons choose what to pay is just quaint.

  3. To relive childhood can recall memories which make you feel good…
    or not, in my case, so I don’t long for those kind of trips 😉

    By the way… you blog a log about food, so I presume you are in fne health 😉
    Having discovered (a year ago) that I am allergic to a lot of food-products, make travel not any easier. So I an glad that you don’t have problems like that.

    Have a splendid ABC-Wednes-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (ABC-W-team)

  4. I remember reading about this place. Not sure where – perhaps in the paper?
    It looks so homely and inviting. And I’m sure reliving the childhood experience by being there is quite something too


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