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Got some samplers from Zzungry and boy I wouldn’t personally call it a sampler. Everything was  very filling and extremely satisfying. Interestingly I did not get to photograph all of the dishes closely   because I my family was zzungry as well seeing all of this. The items I got.

  1. Pineapple Drink
  2. Kalan Kabab
  3. Paneer Starter
  4. Green Chutney Alu fry
  5. Anjara Champ
  6. Mutton Kolhapuri
  7. Murg Burrani
  8. Dum Alu Bhojpuri
  9. Dingri Mutter Pullao
  10. Laccha Paratha

As they say first impression is the best impression (I don’t personally believe that. Impression for me is like a tree, It has to grow and only then does it bear fruit) and fortunatel for Zzungry and for people who believe in this maxim, the packaging of the food is superb with a good abstract print which attracts you. If you have read my previous post about Zzungry – IndniranagarI was in love with their packaging any which ways.

1. packaging

Coming to the food, I had a few personal favourites and some not so fond ones. However, for a change there was very less to crib about

Kalan Kabab a kind of seekh kabab and yet very different from the usual kind with a double color and flavor. The spice starts building up in a while and not instantly. I definitely like this version of seekh anytime

Green chutney alu fry was a deja vu as it was almost like the achari alu and very similar to what I make (not boasting but once you taste mine you are hooked) so yes I would recommend this one for both veggies and the nons

Mutton Kolhapuri was exquisite. Kolhapuri is typically associated with red scary looking gravy and pants on fire spice. However this dish did not have the raw heat but a sophisticated usage of spice that gradually introduced the heat and made the taste buds adapt to the heat in a tantalizing way.  The mutton pieces were succulent and break apart consistency. No it will not make you sweat and no its not too red either…

Murg Burrani had an interesting mix of flavors and lively on the palate.  A typical royal taste of masalas

Dingri (mushroom) mutter (green peas) pullao had a refined exquisite taste that wrapped in the flavors of the mutter and mushroom with fragrance of the rice. Overall an impeccable dish truly regal in flavors. Oh by the way I am not much of a rice eater, so that’s saying something

6. . Dingri mutter pulao

The Anjara champ was a joy to eat, just rightly done and would pair with most white wines (or single malts) with the spice mix complementing the fruity flavors. It was a heady experience.

I am not a paneer kind of guy since I feel they are bland bu charatcteristic, no matter how you prepare them. However, the spices on the paneer starter really took it to another level. It wasn’t overpowering and yet wan’t bland which is a good thing.

What I did not like………….

The pineapple drink was too overpowring and syrupy. I am not a sweet person (take that any way you want it to mean) and things too sweet rub me the wrong way. The drink rubbed me all the wrong way possible.

The paratha was the usual and the dum alu was ok. Preferably with company as it can be heavy for a single person so choose wisely. Of you have some drinks alongside,let me assure you the experience will be enhanced.

I would recommend zzungry to anyone looking for good food with/without company and for both the veggies and the nons. They have good choices and though they are priced above the other providers, the experience is worth it…  Check the other snaps below


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  1. Hi Phenomenon, looks very taisty… i can’t remember ever having eating any of it but that does not really matter ofcourse 😉 The pineapple i would not have like either, that taste is not mine bu t my hubbie loves it.

    Have a nice ABC-Wednesday-day / – week
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