Giant Trees in Ooty

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 Man versus nature
Like a child against parents
Young and ignorant

Taken in Ooty Botanical Garden. For more memes check this page.

Published by Pheno Menon

I came I saw and I had fun

19 Comments to “Giant Trees in Ooty”

  1. Rajesh says:

    Great shot of the tree.

    1. pravsphenomenon says:

      Thanks Rajesh.

  2. Bhavya says:

    Whoa!! That is one humungously large tree! 😀

    1. pravsphenomenon says:

      yeah it sure is

  3. Vaisakh says:

    That’s one giant tree.. 😀

    1. pravsphenomenon says:

      It was humbling to see that tree

  4. The scene looks more exotic . beautiful one and the verse written reflects the relationship between man and Nature.

    1. pravsphenomenon says:


  5. Roger Green says:

    Good, but unheeded, ecological message!

  6. Rainbow Hues says:

    Those are indeed might giant trees…beautiful lines. Man is indeed an ignorant fool to let down nature.

  7. Aditi says:

    Majestic! It is time Man understood the value and importance of Mother Nature!

  8. Very interesting trees to look at! Where is Ooty?

  9. Ruch says:

    My goodness ! That is some giant trees !

  10. Lise says:

    What gorgeous trees…the one in the front looks velvety!

  11. I would love to see that tree! I’m a new follower, Carrie,

  12. Roshni says:

    That looks so amazing!!

  13. caroness1 says:

    Good lord! That is one giant tree…

  14. md says:

    That’s quite large. Amazing!

  15. Very coo! I saw the world’s largest spruce tree last week in Washington State. Visiting from Grace Grits and Gardening.

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