Going Bananas over Mango – Rajdhani Mango Festival review


Quite a late review but as they say, better late than never eh…………

Had been to this place for their Aamlicious festival. Located in Menakshi Mall it’s a good location for a lot of footfalls. The place is bright and inviting and we were very well taken care of.

Started off the whole food orgy with aampanna and taking snaps of the place and their interiors (with the
other patrons giving me weird looks).The aampanna was refreshing in the summer heat and set expectations of what was to come. Then the time came for washing our hands and there was this guy with a water surahi and a ornamental basin pouring hot water for washing your hands into this basin.


The food then started coming and coming and coming. Wanted to take a snap of the full plate with all of the
food but not possible unless you want the food to go cold. Meanwhile I polished of another ammpanna and
aam lassi !!


Here are the stuff we ate

Farsaan – Keri Pudina Dhokla, Ragda Pattice, Vegetabl corn roll, Bhavanagari bharela Marcha

Chutney – Green, garlic

Special – Dal bati churma

Vegetables – Paneer papad ki sabji, Goonda kairi nu shaak, Aloo mutter rasawala, Masoor Masala,Aam ki

Dal/Kadhi – Gujrati khatti meethi daal, panchkuti dal, fajeto

Rotis – Phulka, Puri, Bajra Bhakri, Khoba Roti

Rice/Khichdi – Dry fruit ghee rice, alu kanda khichdi, curd rice

Sweets – Aamras, moong daal halwa, gulabi with rabdi

People have this misconception that Gujrati food means sweet in everything including in the savoury.However
it is not so. Skillfully prepared, the sugar is not tasted in the food itself but added to enhance taste. I use
sugar in my really spicy dishes to bring out the extra flavor of the spices.

Let me list my favourites among these and that does not mean I did not relish the others. These just stood
out and called for attention…… amm li lougi, fajeto which is a traditional Gujrati dish prepared with mango,
Bajra bhakri, daal bati churma, aamras

The fajeto and aam li lougi was mindblowing justifying the aamlicious experience and the daal bati churma
and bhakri is my anytime favourite and cannot go wrong in Rajdhani.The aamras was  served cold and was equisite in flavor and I must have had the maximum share among all of the patrons. I did see some worried faces from the serving team 🙂


The Goonda kairi nu shaak was a complete surprise as I have always eaten the vegetable in a pickle form
(again famous in Gujrat and Rajasthan) but it was a pleasant experience eating the actual flavor of the


Gulabi with rabdi was mind boggling and complex in flavors even though I am not a sweet person (dont take
that too literally though)

The topping on the cake was the mango jalebi which was served specially for us even though it was not part
of the menu of the day. It just shows good service and care for the customers


Thali costed Rs475 including taxes…………Thats it!! no more sweets for a year !!

Signing off after washing my hands off this post


My rating

Food 4/5
Ambiance 4/5
Service 5/5

More snaps in the showcase below

Linked to ABC Wednesday(T) with Thali (a large plate for food)

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7 thoughts on “Going Bananas over Mango – Rajdhani Mango Festival review

  1. That is such a huge spread. people really do get creative with mango. That jalebi looks delicious. In fact all your pictures are absolutely drool worthy.

  2. I loved eating at Rajdhani… their dishes felt so homelike. Too bad never got a chance to visit during Mango Festival.
    Your pictures are making me some good Indian food.

  3. I have never been at Rajdhani’s mango festival but your pictures are so good that the food is popping out 😉
    All these places usually overwhelm me with the amount of food 😉

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