Zing on the Tongue…..Grilled Lamb Steak on a fresh Cucumber and Coriander bed

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A fresh and zingy dish the ingredients are all fresh and the flavor of the salad bed can add a real zing to the grilled lamb


1. Cucumber,

2. Coriander leaves

3. Lamb steak

4. Spices (My spice mix of star anise, cinnamon, cardamom,mace and nutmeg)

5. Paprika, chilly flakes, oregano powder, ginger garlic paste

6. Tomatoes

Follow they method…….

  1. ย Marinate the lamb with the spices, paprika, ginger garlic paste and a little sea salt and refrigerate for 2 hrs ( overnight for best flavor)
  2. Cut the cucumber into small dices, put a good sprinkle of sea salt and leave it for around 2 hrs(u can work on the steps below till then). This releases all the water from the cucumber which can be thrown out. ย Yes salt releases water from the cucumber at an unprecedented rate ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. Add oregano powder, chilly flakesย to a good dash extra virgin olive oil in a baking dish and ย put the marinated lamb over it making sure to coat both sides. Let it sit there for half hour to absorb the flavor of the oil.
  4. Now sear it for about 3.5 mins each side (or depending on the thickness of the steak pieces).Don’t add any more oil to the pan while searing, the aromatic oil is more than sufficient. Add a little salt just before taking out so it seals the meat.
  5. Once u get a good sear on both sides, transfer to a preheated oven at about 200 C and bake for about 20 – 25 mins with fresh tomatoes. ย Let it rest for 1 – 15 mins. Till then follow ย the step below
  6. Squeeze the cucumber to remove the remaining water and add some coriander and finely chopped green chilly (not mandatory if u don’t like it too much heat). You could also use other salad thingies like lettuce, carrots, chinese cabbage etc
  7. Mix well with a little sea saltand place it like a bed on the serving plate. Cut the steak into decent chunks (too tiny and u don’t get the feel of the meet) and spread throughout the salad bed. Spread some Gruyere cheese and its ready to roll !!

You can also use Parmesan for the cheese spread but avoid the salt in the salad since Parmesan itself has salt content. For the veggies use could try with grilled vegetables or paneer (Cottage cheese).ย 

Bon Apetit !

P.S – It would be a good idea to use a food thermometer to check the temp of the steak in between so its not either too well done or ย rare

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42 thoughts on “Zing on the Tongue…..Grilled Lamb Steak on a fresh Cucumber and Coriander bed

    1. Thanks for reminding about veggies ( I rarely recognize that category when I am immersed with meats ๐Ÿ˜€ ). You could try either grilled veggies or paneer

    1. its easy to make and very good for guests. You could try with chicken as well as lamb can be quite expensive

    1. u can save a lot of time with Paneer. All it needs is a 30 sec sear on each side and then grill for even less

  1. I like the recipe but think I would cut way back on the salt because I use very little salt in my cooking. It does look delicious and I really enjoy lamb so I must give this recipe a try soon

    1. I don’t use too much salt myself. Just a negligible sprinkle. I prefer using the salt content from the products themselves. To de-water the cucumber I did use quite an amount but surprisingly most of the salt goes off with the water leaving the cucumber will very less salt content.

  2. This is certainly looking so very tempting! Liked the idea of sea salt on cucumber. Will try it.

    1. I have started using sea salt over regular salt and also try using the exiisting salt in products rather than putting extra

  3. Will give this a try. I love food with a lot of flavor and this looks really interesting. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I had the same aversion towards cukes as well but now that’s changed after this experiment ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I love lamb too and this sounds like a really appealing recipe. I have all sorts of small books of lamb recipes from our days in the sheep industry when we ran a flock of sheep, but alas, have trouble finding Canadian lamb now.

  5. It all looks very yummy! I believe you r a great cook! I also think that you have the gift of expressing yourself in poetry. I read the poems dedicated to your mother and father. I was touched by them. Thank you for sharing.
    Thanks for your visit and comment. Of course somebody with a Zeal can find the means to reach his goal. During hardships one becomes inventive.
    Have a great week.
    Wil, ABCW Team

  6. Yum yum! that looks delicious, I am writing the recipe down as I type.
    I love lamb and living near North Wales, (a small country that is part of the British Isles), famed for the finest Lamb farmers can produce, there is a plentiful supply at a reasonable price.
    A lamb farmer once told me that July is the best month of the year to buy lamb so we usually have trip out round about now and stock up the freezer!
    I am very much a ‘Foodie’ so will enjoy reading your posts about food.
    Best wishes,

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