Guns & Rifles at Aero India Bangalore

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Weapon in their hand
Looking out for enemies
Friends no more in “scope”

Taken at the Aero Show, Bangalore these are the special forces commandos of  Indian Air Force. I especially liked the assault gun they are carrying. Sleek, fancy and deadly, it looks like a toy no? :). More info on the Aero show available here and here and for complete photo collection click  here

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10 thoughts on “Guns & Rifles at Aero India Bangalore

  1. Used to be fascinated by fighter-planes & guns & olive uniforms as a kid 🙂 As years passed by … now wars, enemies, and all these war-toys look foolish… childish….
    But yeah.. definitely something different from your softer ‘people & nature’ posts..
    All that i can say about the last 2 posts … ‘Its different!!’ 🙂

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