Impression de Fallacy – Review of False Impression – Jefferey Archer

False Impressions
False Impressions

I must have let everyone known before that I am a staunch fan of Jefferey Archer and have read all his books till date. False Impressions, the book by Jefferey Archer after his release from prison is the book under my hammer today.

To start with, Jefferey Archer takes us into a world of art and paintings in his latest novel and I am quite impressed with the amount of research that has gone into making the character of the heroine of the book who is an expert on art and its painters.

The book is about this lady who is an art expert as mentioned above and when she is unearths the fraud committed by her employer on an aristocratic lady she escapes from his clutches with the 9/11 WTC as her saviour when she is presumed dead. She then helps in exposing her employer’s devious Modus Operandi with the aid of an FBI agent.

Every Jefferey Archer book takes its readers through various twists and turns for which he is famous for anyways. However, this book is a black mark on all his work till date and I for one was disappointed with the book. The story was insipid and an insult to my memories of Jefferey Archer’s works. Well from the short paragraph of the story one can guess that there is nothing in it to write about!!! The 9/11 was tastelessly used in the novel and had no real worth at all even if it served as an escape for the main character.

I have heard that prison hardens those who serve in it but this is outrageous. If this is the way Archer’s books are going to turn out I have to change my loyalty to a different author……. As many of the other reviews have pointed out the name justifies the story!!!

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