Jalapenos- A twist in the taste

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burst of flavor
on my tongue
it lingers on

Yeah yeah from my previous posts you must have realized I am a foodie and also like to try my hands on experimenting from time to time.  Now I like it hot and spicy and Jalapenos are my favorite anytime. I have tried searching for fresh ones in Bangalore which unfortunately I have not been able to get my hands on.The next best thing is the pickled one.. Sigh !  The kind of twist that jalapenos provide is mind blowing.The packed heat going down gently down your throat  and it just about lingers on the taste-buds  even after the dish is finished. When it comes down to a punch, Mexicans sure have got it right!

Try adding a piece of Jalapenos to a Vodka with lime cordial (or water), a squeeze of lime and a little salt, a little crushed mint swirl it with a stirrer and feel ur taste-buds explode with excitement For the non-alcoholics chuck the vodka and replace with Jal Jeera and it still works  🙂

Written for the A to Z 2014 Challenge for J.  Also part of April UBC. For more memes click here


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40 thoughts on “Jalapenos- A twist in the taste

  1. J for Jalapeno – great choice:-) – love it with mexican food, and then balancing with something to put out the flames:-) ha ha

  2. I love jalapenos…be it in subway or be it in vodka 😉 i once had a jalapeno martini…try foodstall or Godrej nature basket (if there is one in Bangalore) that’s where I get fresh jalapeno in Delhi.

  3. I am surely going to trying the vodka with jalapenos..recently I was at a mexican resto and they gave us grilled jalapeno with a cheesy filling ..It was awesome

  4. I love the taste of jalapenos, but the oils from fresh jalapenos are too much to deal with. I did that only one time and that was enough for a lifetime. I’ll stick to bottled jalapenos. lol Nice to meet you via the #a2zchallenge. Now following!

  5. Oh wow, I love the vodka twist that you have suggested here. Shall surely try. I love Jalapenos in my pizza, jacket potato and just about everything!

  6. I like Jalapenos! Its the only actual spiciness I get to experience here in some of the foods…
    and jalapenos in a vodka glass sounds just about perfect! 😀

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