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As part of the Foodies Den meetup (this is not an invite and all members foot the bill equally between them) we chose Locha as our destination. Located in BTM, its a cosy place with witty saying on the walls and celing that reflect the Gujrati attitude.

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We were 7 of us  and without further adieu we paced our orders as we were excited to try out the food items we had heard so much about.   Read the list and feast your eyes 🙂

Khaman Dhokla – Who doesn’t know about dhokla? One of the most popular gujju offering that’s reached all nooks and corners of the globe.  This started off our phenomenal experience. Soft, juicy, spicy and sweet all at once, our journey started off with an explosion of flavors that was unbelievable.. This is Dhokla at its best.  This dish also reminds me of the movie Love Sex or Dhokla err Dhoka  😀


Pattice – Another great dish that teases your tastebuds with it’s variety of flavors, quite different from the south indian bondas and mangalore bajjis but just as fun


Locha – The name that was inspired by the dish.. This was easily the hero of the day.   To be eaten hot, it was soft, juicy, spicy and sensual on the tongue.  Calling it an  Indian version of Lasagna would do it injustice as I felt it was way better than any lasagnas I have eaten. Certainly not to be missed if visiting here.   It was so good that we ended up ordering different versions of it and packing it for further eating as well.. We had plain butter locha, cheese locha, schezuan  locha, tandoori masala locha and peri peri locha !!

4-cheese-locha 4-1-schezuan-locha 4-4-peri-peri-locha 4a-cheese-locha 4-2-butter-on-locha

Looky looky at that drop of goodness that goes on the locha. Sigh love butter!!

Samosa – Way different from the regular onion, potato or veggie filled ones, this was filled with a combination of lentils which was a surprising change and a treat to the palate


Dry Kachoris – Served with a sprinkling of masalas and raw onions, I liked the crispiness of the kachoris and the slightly sweet and tangy filling


and thats how you enjoy a kachori !!

Poha – Another lipsmaking item and very different from its counterparts served in the southern or western regions of India. It was quite dry and easy to eat. More like a chat but a good chat and a lovely start for the day

7-poha 7-1-poha

Fafda and Kadi – The fafda is a fried savoury dish eaten in combination with a slightly sweet kadi (gravy), a lovely combination and very refreshing on the tongue. However I am more of a spicy sort of guy so there was a limit to the kadi I could consume

8-fafda 8-1-fafda

Patra or Patrode – Made with Coloccasia leaves stuffed with rice four and other goodies such as tamarind, tamarind and jaggery.  It has a lovely crispy texture with good flavor.. I stopped with one as I am not quite a fan of it.


Khakra – Another gujju offering that the world is familiar with. A crisp beaten dish which looks like a papad but tastes so much better. A gujrati family on a trip never leaves without this and pickles which is  a beautiful combination.. We had it almost like a masala papad with onion toppings.

10-khakra 10-1-khakra

Well after all of this it was time for desserts and what better than ice sundaes !! Did you notice I didn’t add cream after the ice?  Well that’s exacty what it was!!.. Ice golas (shaved ice filings are compressed together to form a mound) topped with yummy syrups, dry fruits and nuts that finally forms a yummy sundae. We did have a quite a lot of variety but my favourite was Mango and Kala Khatta (black currant)…  Enjoy the visuals

11-mango-ice 11-1-mango-ice 11-2-mango-ice 11-3-mango-ice13

Last but not the least we also had a plate of hot hot jalebis 😀  (yeah we are a foodie group remember??)


The total pocket pinch was around Rs. 1270 + change which came around Rs.180 per head.. Considering how much we ate, this was a real steal no?

Leaving you with our groupies and happy smiles at the end of a phenomenal foodies experience

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Would you like to join us in our outings as we try out different restaurants in town? Join the club !! FoodiesDen  Dont worry its free and the criteria for joining our gang is LOVE FOOD !! 🙂

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