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My cousin is a big fan of seafood and which is spicy… I had two choices in mind. One was Coast 2 Coast and the other was Coringa. Coringa easily won that part as I had heard a lot about it and Yashwantpur was too far away. So Coringa in Koramangala sealed the deal.

The Ambience

The restaurant is spaced well and looks functional. It has good light but tends to get darker as you go a little inside. We were given a warm welcome and taken to our table. We were 5 of us… A shot of spicy lemon rasam was served which helped activate the taste buds.

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The Food and Drink

The best part about this place is you have a bar as well. Since it was a hot afternoon beer was the mandate. Along with beer we ordered Aritikaya (raw banana) slices and a tandoori seer fish. It did take some time but was well worth the wait.. Though not traditionally Andhra, it was exquisite in terms of flavor. Everything was balanced without the spices overpowering the fish. The char on the fish was perfectly done without the burnt taste. One of the finest fish dishes I have had no doubt…..It was heavenly with the chilled beer



For main course my parents went in for the traditional thali which was newly introduced. For 150 bucks it was a steal !!


I ordered Munagakada (drumstick) Mutton which is lamb/mutton cooked in drumstick gravy. It is a speciality and a very traditional Andhra dish. I have had better in houses when I was in Hyderabad but this came a close second. We also ordered Ulli Kadalu Oora. Another specialty which is spring onion cooked with onion and tomato. This was brilliant with the flavors having a free run on your palate.



The Royalu veppudu which was prawns cooked in spicy gravy was a show stopper in terms of taste and flavor. Easily the best I have eaten. We also got a spicy chutney along with that which I completed. All of this was eaten with steamed rice which was an excellent combo.



We ended this with pootarekulu a very traditional and popular sweet dish made of sheets of rice and sugar. Along with that we ordered Gummadikaya Halwa which was made of ash gourd.


All in all a sweet experience with brilliant service. The staff knew the menu and also the specialties. . If you are used to the traditional and authentic Andhra food from homes, you might be a tad disappointed but this is the next best thing. A definite recommendation

The total pocket pinch came to about Rs 3K I guess which is reasonable for 5 people

My Rating

Food 4/5
Service 4/5
Ambience 4/5

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