Quick Mayonnaise hack-Mayonnaise to Mayo-Nice

Quick Mayonnaise hack-Mayonnaise to Mayo-Nice

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Mayonnaise has always been the decadent part of any of the junk eaters meal and has been considered junk themselves. Whether it is burgers, pizzas, fries or even a shawarma, mayonnaise provides that kick and complements a whole lot of food. Now give the good name back to mayonnaise and make it at home, quick and easy. You dont even have to store it. Just make it whenever you want it. Leave those store bought ones back on their shelves and try this hack at home. You will be surprised. I know I was!! Can’t wait???

Let’s get to it quick

Garlic 5 pods (add pepper or mint if u are averse to garlic)
Egg 1
Salt as required (you can add it later as well)
Sugar 1 pinch
Vegetable Oil 100 ml
Vinegar or lime few drops (add and mix later if you like it sour and tangy)

Put it in blender (a regular mixi will do as well) and let it grind at the first speed for 30 seconds or more. Done!!

Simple no? Now you can call it Mayo Nice !! 😀

Think about these

1. Have it plain

2. Replace milk with egg for egg less mayo (never tried this so you will have to let me know)

2. Add hung curd later on to get a thick sour cream

3. Add melted cheese for a rich decadent taste

4. Add green chilli/pepper at the grinding stage for a spicy mayo

5. Stop drooling and congratulating yourself and eat already!!

Look at this luscious creamy mayo !!  Thanks to Waheeda Azarudeen and  OPOS school for this recipe. I tweaked the measurements to suit my taste.

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One Comment to “Quick Mayonnaise hack-Mayonnaise to Mayo-Nice”

  1. Modern Gypsy says:

    I didn’t realise it was so easy to make mayonnaise!! Thanks for this recipe.

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