My ‘Moto’ is to rock & ‘Rola’-Review of Motorola C350

I am a cell phone phreak, pun intended to all the computer geeks out there. No I dont keep buying cell phones evey now and then but I have friends who do (Sigh!! lucky me) and I keep playing with their cell phones to my heart’s content.


I have a Motorola C350e . You must be wondering whats a c350e doing under c350, well its the usual reason, I did not find c350e in the category. Anyways they are so similar apart from some features I thought the best place to give its review will be under c350.


When I bought the cell phone it was Rs 6000/-. Now I believe it’s available for Rs 4800/- since at that time it was the cheapest I could get with a trendy look, polyphonic ringtones and of course colour display. The Nokias and samsungs as amit_agy mentioned being the sharukh khans and bachans ( I hope thats not copyrighted) and poor me with a big burn in the pocket.


The cell phone is good so far and has an amazing battery backup. I just charge it once in three days and let me assure you it keeps ringing everyday and my uncle keeps gaming away trying to beat my high scores 🙂 (he is such an overgrown child) The colour display and screen is good but I would have liked it bigger. The keypad is somehow much better than a C350. The polyphonic tunes are all good and quite loud. Even in sound level 1 the entire office knows I have got a call!!


The only drawback is the downloadability of the ringtones. There just isn’t many site where I can download any ring tone. One site

gives the option of downloading but the download quality is pathetic. I am not blaming the site.

The second drawback is the software. I had my GPRS activated for downloading polyphonic ringtones. It just didn’t work out. I was able to get into google and nothing else. When I asked my service provider he told me he had recieved several such complaints from other C350e users 🙁 (Motorola guys if u r reading this please rectify the software)

There are a lot of ringtones available for C350 but very few or should I say almost non existant for C350e. There are three games, Astromash, MotoGP and Snood. The games are good but gets monotonous and boring after a while.

In a nutshell I can say I do not regret buying this cellphone but I could have done with some extra basic features

The specifications are as follows

Band: Dual-Band GSM 900/1800 MHz

Weight: 85g

Battery: 600 mAh Li ion removable battery

Talktime: up to 290 mins*

Standby time: up to 215 hrs*


4096 CSTN Color Display

96 x 65 pixels

4 lines of text (3 lines for Chinese), 1 line of icons and 1 line of prompts

Animated iconic menu


Up/Down/Left/Right keys around Menu key

2 Soft keys

Combined End/Power key

Shortcut navigation to Phonebook via Up/Down navigation keys

Hard key access to Vibrate via left scroll key

Display Icons

Signal strength



Home Zone

Message waiting

Ringer on/off

Vibrate on/off

Battery meter




User Interface color scheme

Main menu

Soft Keys


Animated sceensaver



Ringer Profiling

Icon Profiling

Quick dial numbers


Call Control*

Call Diverting

Call Barring

Call Waiting

Call Transfer

Mute Call

Call Hold

Conference Calling

Calling Line Identification

Missed Call Indicator

User Call Rejection

Emergency Calling

Voice Mail

Quick Dial


Phone based directories

Phone book (up to 100 names and numbers)


Recall Last Calls

Last 10 calls made

Last 10 calls received/missed


SIM Card based directories

Phonebook (up to 250 names and numbers depending on SIM)

Fixed Dialing List (up to 40 names and numbers)

Service Dialing List



Phone lock (Automatic/Manual)

SIM card lock (SIM PIN/SIM PIN 2)

Keypad lock

Restrict access to Phone Directories


Voice Activation

Voice dialing (20 phonebook voice tags)


Non-Voice Features

Polyphonic speaker


Text Messaging – SMS

EMS v5.0 – fun messaging with sound, animated icon and text

Multiple destination SMS

User Dictionary

SMS chat

iTAP Predictive text entry for Chinese and English


3 Games in Color – Astrosmash, MotoGP, Snood21

Calculator / Currency Converter


Data Support

WAP 1.2.1 enabled microbrowser

GPRS 1u4d

USB Connectivity (Modem only, no data sync)

More later 🙂

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