Not my “Khap” of Tea- LSD for the Mind – Inspired by the movie Love, Sex aur Dhokha

Well well here I am after ages trying to type out a blog. I hope I still remember to write!!  Yet I won’t know till I begin isn’t it So here it goes.

I saw this move recently named Love Sex Aur Dhoka (the first time I saw it on paper I thought it was Dhokla!!). The movie is a three short story kind of concept. No its not a review of the movie. The first story of the movie is the same bromide, rich girl (jat) loves middle class boy and both run away against the girl’s parents’ wishes and get married. The end is what gives me the jitters. After convincing the runaway couple to come back, both are brutally killed by the girl’s family!!  They are chopped to pieces, the girl’s own brother being the perpetrator.  In a nutshell …. Honor Killing

Honor killing is something that’s rampant even now in different parts of India and the family has absolutely no qualms about killing their own off-springs or siblings in the name of honor. Horrifying but true. The icing on the cake is the gotra system (gotra is the lineage or clan assigned to a Hindu at birth… definition courtesy Wikipedia) in Haryana and other parts of northern India where a boy and girl from the same gotra are siblings  apparently and are forbidden to get married. This rule passed by the  village Khap Panchayat  is literally something that can be broken only at one’s peril. The repercussions includes banishing the family from the village, the family members sometimes being publicly stoned or boycotted, or,  death to all those who cross these Khaps. The  origin of the word panchayat  comes from assembly (yat) of 5 wise people (Panch). Only the word remains but the definition is long gone.  Even a brother does not mind killing his own sister or a father his own son or daughter for the sake of family honor. They are “brainwashed” to that extent.

Even more surprising is to see the educated politicians with “modern outlook” cowering before these Panchayats and agreeing to make this Gotra system legal. Bottom line… We have  murderers who get away with their evil and people in power trying to legalize it. How more obnoxious can the situation get?

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