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I love Pesto sauce. It makes a great combination with Pasta and it can be had pretty much with anything from pizza to bread. Here’s an easy way to make it. You don’t have to drool over the ones made in TV anymore. Here’s a classic recipe by Jamie Oliver


Basil Leaves (not holy basil.Those are more pungent in taste)

Pine Nuts (or substitute with roasted peanuts)

Walnuts (optional but good if you have infants @ home

Parmesan Cheese (the more the merrier)

Olive Oil (extra virgin)

Garlic 4-5 cloves

Sea Salt


Ok boss lets make the PESTO sauce

Blend all of it together. You can always customize it by adding more ingredients such as vinegar or lemon (the purists would shudder to read this). If you are planning to store and use as necessary then add a little more olive oil and store in a glass container preferably.

It can be used as an accompaniment for many many things. I use it on bruschettas, pizzas, salads, as dips with nachos or as chutney with dosas.  It’s a versatile thing really. Eat and sing Mambo Italiano !!

P.S – Go easy on the salt. Keep it slightly less than usual to get the other flavors of the basil, nuts and olive oil.