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awaiting the future
the present slips away
perfume of fresh roses, forgotten

You must have guessed my question by now.. Why is it that people spend their lives thinking about a dark future and forget to enjoy the present?

My guess (and confirmation from seeing live examples) is that they have forgotten how to..unfortunately. Yeah obviously they have a reason of saving up for a rainy day or an uncertain future.  In my heart I think that day is a myth. I doubt this saved up resources  will ever be utilized to their full potential for any rainy day as other rainy days are always expected and uncertainty is always a part and parcel of life. There goes the present and there goes the future awaiting the mythical personal Armageddon. Isn’t it strange that the day they look towards is not a bright and sunny day but when everything is lost so they have the resources to survive?

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12 thoughts on “Present

  1. I agree that we should live in the present. But we can never walk in another’s shoes and we don’t have the same path so live and let live.

  2. Only recently I’ve realised how important the ‘present’ is. It’s natural to worry and plan about the future but to be present in the present is important to. A balance is really what we need.

  3. Being in the Now, in the Present is of course the best thing to do. But also so difficult. I guess all things worth doing are difficult 🙂 Thoughtful read!

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