Street Food Festival at Sigree Global Grill – Top 10 Lists of things to eat at Sigree

Phenomenal World tastes the food “off” the street in Sigree Global Grill which is on till 31 Aug, 2018.

Street food has always enamored  the senses much more than any top star or orgasmic looking food can possibly do. We feel right at home on the street eating it off our hands and fingers and among the dust, heat and smoke. In fact my dad used to joke that clean hotels lacked vitamin D (dust) and that’s why street food tastes so good.  However if you rotate your eyes at these habits, you can still get the best of street food in hygienic conditions.

Indulge in all your favourite chats including a chana jor garam that’s whipped up right in front of you. Get the true feel of streetfood and also gorge on some amazing dinner. They have a 4+1 offer running all days so corporate or family all can indulge.

Top Picks @ Sigree

  • loved the NV barbeque especially the prawns
  • grilled pesto mushroom
  • amritsari fish fingers
  • Prawns Popcorn
  • Chana Jor Garam
  • Chats (Ragda pattice, dahi puri, nacho bhel, pavbhaji)
  • Pizza
  • Kheema Pav
  • Mango Panacotta
  • Boondi rabdi Shot
  • Fruit tart



Service NA

With brilliant options for both Veg and Non Veg bring in your friends and families and have a great time. The entire team and the chef were very receptive to the feedback and I look forward to them only getting better. All the best.  Enjoy the glimpses.


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  1. We always love street food festivals. We had a great time when we visited one such food festival in South Africa.

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