The Pawn

9 sentence fiction, pawn,chess,praveen,pravs,throo da looking glass


“Not bad”, Rajesh thought as he copied the government data into his flash drive after breaking all the revolutionary new encryption that the government had just put in.  “This is going to net me some cool moolah”, he sang softly.  It was not his first time and he had sold information before to fund his lifestyle. He was surprised when Chris walked in. It was 1 AM and he thought he was the only one around. He never got a chance to ask when a force on his chest propelled him back. Stunned he just lay there bleeding as Chris walked slowly towards him. “Nothing personal Rajesh we knew all about your activities and only reason  you are still around was  to get to this information you just copied.”.  His eyes closing slowly Rajesh realized he wasn’t the hunter but only a pawn.

I'm taking part in the Write Tribe Festival of Words -3


  1. How lovely to find a fellow photography enthusiast in the A2Z! April is looking better and better–and so is the A2ZReveal! I’ve got you bookmarked 😉

    Great snippet here! But… I thought you didn’t like to write? Are you–gasp!–sliding over to the Dark Side? *evil cackle* Either way, you’re on my faves list.

    Thanks for taking part in the blitz to Life In Dogs — you guys really made my day.

  2. haha! Poor Rajesh and it serves him right. At the end of the day, we pay a high cost for the crime committed and honesty always pay. Love it:)


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