Tree Tragedy #atozchallenge

Every tree feled is another nail in the coffin
Every tree felled is another nail in the coffin

Nourishing the earth
The old guardians topple
Man, the only threat

ABC Wedneday with O  for Outrageous Nature of Man,Wordless WednesdayWordless Wednesday BloggersBlog ShePart of the #atozchallenge with T. Also linked to Our world Tuesday, . Haiku composed with Syllable Couter

33 thoughts on “Tree Tragedy #atozchallenge

  1. That is so painful, yet so true. Coming to think of it, our ancestors’ thoughts must have been scientifically inclined when they used to practice the rituals of worshiping trees.

    1. Great post. Beautiful. They also nourish our air, replenishing the oxygen. And, of course they nourish our souls, hearts, art. Just beautiful.

  2. Love the atmosphere of the pictures and your haiku is so true I love trees In the botanical gardens you have the most gorgeous old trees here and it is very peaceful there. We can’t live without trees and should respect them

  3. All very true and sad, but the other side of the story that is outstanding and overjoy-ing is the way the old trees send out new growth and some just can’t be kept down. They just grow and regrow. LIFE-force awesome.

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