My top picks at the Kashmiri Wazwan Festival @Saffron

Wazwan is a multi-course meal in Kashmiri cuisine, the preparation of which is considered an art and a point of pride in Kashmiri culture and identity. Each and every item in the wazwan is a painstaking process and only the best chefs can bring out the true flavors. Kashmiri food is more than the Yakhni pullao or the Mutton Rogan Josh which as been done to death (literally) in most hotels.
Here is a chance to savor the true taste of the wazwan in Saffron. On till 20th of Aug, this will appeal to both the veg and the non veg.  My previous Kashmiri experience with Aloft was a phenomenal affair as well. 

My top picks at the Wazwan

1. Kokur Shorba (Chicken soup) – Delicately flavored soup just to savor the senses. Nicely done
2. Tabrk Maas – This really appealed to the meat lovers and the flavor was as authentic as it could get. Melt in the mouth lamb ribs. .
3. Maaz Seekh – Great marination and balanced flavors. Not too dry as it happens in other places
4. Zam Doodh Kabab – The flavor of the hung curd was a burst of freshness on the palate
5. Alu Dum – Spot on flavors
6. Al Yakhni – Bottle gourd (lauki) surprisingly done. Amazing flavor
7. Lahabi Kebab – Minced lamb cooked in tomato and saffron gravy. Melt in the mouth texture. Exquisite flavors.I would call this the highlight. Went very well with the saffron rice which had beautiful flavor and smell of saffron.
8. Chicken Tehri – A one pot popular Kashmiri preparation. It was very well done but I am assuming the mutton will be better. Spot on flavors though.
9. Phirni – Served cold and not very sweet, Exactly how I like it
20. Ras Malai – I hate hot ras malai as they are served in most restaurants. This was refreshing because it was served cold. Loved it
Try out the various dips for sure. Loved the one made with walnuts.
Wash it all down with a Kashmiri Kahwa.. I would have preferred shavings of almonds that floats in the tea. This was much thicker and sank to the bottom and of course I wish there was the Goshtaba !!
What we Gulped?
Whiskey sour was average. The Margharita was perfectly made and I loved the negroni.

 Sweet Endings

When it comes to Kashmir this popular saying by a king always comes to mind……… “Gar firdaus bar-rue zamin ast, Hamein asto hamein asto hamein ast (if there is heaven on earth, this is it, this is it, this is it)
As mentioned the Wazwan is till the 20th Aug, so get your Kashmiri fix. Enjoy the glimpses

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